Barebellicious breakfast with JACOB

08 Jul , 2020
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@barebells Bake Off time by @jckweber @kinetic.diabetic ūüėč . . . By @jckweber Most protein bars are the devil in disguise for diabetics - full of sugars that spike blood glucose and other unhealthy or unnatural ingredients. Enter @barebells! There‚Äôs no added sugar, and only 14g carbohydrates (3.2g sugar) per bar - meaning that after I exercise and if my sugars are in range, I might not even have to inject any insulin to eat one of these bars (which makes a very welcome change). And 20g protein per bar is plenty for a post-workout refuel. ūü§© It‚Äôs been a similar story with sugary milkshakes - until @barebells stepped in. Their lactose-free version contains just 12g sugar and 24g protein. Perfect for the active diabetic - or active anybody, really. ūüí™ūüŹĺ The best part though? They‚Äôre seriously delicious. And you can get a little creative to level up your breakfast with a granola bowl that‚Äôs packed full of protein and low in carbs and sugars. ūüėč Granola: 1 Barebells Protein Bar (chopped) 2 cups oats ¬Ĺ cup sunflower kernels 1tbsp agave syrup (or other sweetener) 1tbsp coconut oil 1 egg white 1.5tbsp cocoa powder ūü•£ Heat syrup & coconut oil for 30s in microwave and stir into the oats, kernels, protein bar pieces and egg white. Bake at 100C for 25-30 mins. ūüćĆ Smoothie: ¬Ĺ Barebells Millkshake (strawberry/banana) 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup dragonfruit ūüćď Just blend till smooth(ie). - Healthy, halal, certified organic - Barebells is a Swedish brand that focuses on ‚Äúfunctional foods‚ÄĚ that support happy eating and healthy living ūüĎü #Barebells #BarebellsMalaysia #healthyeating #barebellsbakeoff

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