Barebells Vanilla Milkshake Launched in Malaysia!

22 Jun , 2021


For us there is no such thing as plain vanilla. Silky smooth, sweet cream together with the exotic taste of vanilla equals nothing but a true classic. A classic that contains 24 grams of protein per serving and that is lactose free and No added sugars. 

Be good to mother nature - recycle this product as plastics. 

Nutrion Facts per 100 ml (per 330 ml)
ENERGY 245 kJ (809 kJ)/56 kcal (191 kcal)
FAT 1,4 g (4,6 g), saturated fat 0,9 g (3,0 g)
CARBOHYDRATE 3,8 g (13 g), sugars 3,8 g (13 g)
PROTEIN 7,3 g (24 g)
SALT 0,20 g (0,66 g)