Functional Food Club

- A Functional Food Company

FUNCTIONAL FOOD CLUB’s philosophy is to serve you the high-quality functional food, that’s all made in Sweden.🇸🇪

Founder by a Swedish corporate leader from Sweden and professional choreographer Cleona Lee, the team is fans of quality functional food that does not compromise on taste, nutrient and most importantly the ingredient facts. It was all about that solutions to keep life healthier with better choices of functional food.

In Sweden, functional food is not just a food! 

“Functional food is a group of foods that can be consumed as part of our usual diet, but that have documented health effects. Accordingly, products in pill or powder form are therefore not classed as functional foods. The term functional foods is an unregulated concept and is started to be replaced by the concept of “food with health claims”.

Be in this sustainable journey with FFC, your fitness lifestyle is what we care for. 


Have a functional FIKA with us! #NOADDEDSUGAR